Ground and Pound

This is a football strategy based on a running offense that says if they are able to pound the football down the field, the defense will have to commit to stopping the run, which in turn will open up some passing plays.  The offensive line is a key component for this tactic to work effectively, but the best way to focus on this type of run game, is to have a quarterback that is capable of doing play action.  A play-action pass starts out like a running play, but it is a pass play, that fools the defense who has sold out their intentions and they have focused on stopping the running play, so the defense gets burnt because the receivers are open.

Tomorrow I may find myself buried beneath the ground, and such is life.  I try to put my nose to the ground just so I can avoid standing on dangerous ground.  I did put my ear to the ground and I worshipped the ground that she walked on.  I entered ground zero on the ground floor and I stood my ground.  There is no middle ground or common ground for the ground squirrel.

Written for Linda G Hill’s October 12, 2019 Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “ground”.

6 thoughts on “Ground and Pound

      1. I had somehow missed Green’s version…the Talking Heads is the one I know the best.
        I like the Dead cover…I normally like what they cover…love when they cover Merle Haggard.

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