Life Is Just A Dream

The people in my dream became real to me, haunting my mind last night. In this crazy dream, I was standing inside the doorway of a rainbow looking out at a field of luscious green grass that was calling to me. I walked on the grass and then I turned around and this is where my dream got really weird, as I was looking up at this unbelievable sight, which I shall try to describe for you. I realized that that I was naked, but it didn’t matter, as everyone else was also naked. The rainbow that I mentioned now looked more like the end of two rainbows being joined together, where one might expect to find a pot of gold.

Above the rainbows, everything was bazar, disorienting, hallucinatory, nonsensical a surreal place that was ruled by the bearded king who smiled at me and told me to join in the fun. The goose that laid the golden eggs was right behind him and it was making out with a bald-headed woman. The golden eggs had been minted into coins and they were being carried to the king’s treasury. Most of the people were around my size, but the woman making out with the goose and the one carrying the box of coins were like giants to the rest of us. I saw a lovely tree containing two partridges and next to that a pregnant woman was riding on a cornucopia. The moon hung very low in the sky and cats appeared inside the craters and to the right of that three alien spiders were walking down the rainbow.

I jumped up on a horse and then I ended up on the top of a hill and then all of a sudden, an earthquake shook the ground and the hill collapsed. I fell off of my horse and the landslide took me into the ocean. A violin river rushed out of a silk trombone and a giant wave of water started flooding the land, and the water was so cold that I started to freeze. I started swimming and I managed to swim out into the streets where a whole crowd of people started cheering when they saw me. The three spiders each grabbed their swords and charged at me. I saw a spear on the ground, so I picked it up and I threw it at one of the spiders and I killed him. The other spiders ran away and then water was rushing everywhere. I rang a silent bell as this ship passed by me and they stopped to let me climb on board. That is when my dream ended and I woke up in a cold sweat.

The funny thing is that I always wear pajamas when I sleep and this morning, I woke up naked and the king’s crown was on my bed. I started singing, “Sh-boom sh-boom ya-da-da da-da-da da-da-da da sh-boom, life is just a dream.”

Written for Kira’s Sunday Scribbles weekly inspirational art piece.

10 thoughts on “Life Is Just A Dream

    1. I brought back the defective Cannon printer and I got an HP which was more money, but it works really good. I only had time to print some things with it and today I will check out the scanner and the copy functions. I will not be connecting a phone line as I never fax anything.

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      1. We use HP for our offices because we don’t have many driver issues with them.
        I hope it does well for you Jim.

        I’ve tried to talk the executives out of the fax part…Fax=90s…and there are online faxes now if you have a scanner.

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