I am a bit frustrated now, I bought some new ink cartridges for my printer and I couldn’t get them installed, long story moving on.  I bought a new Cannon printer today and I could not get my computer to recognize it.  I called up the support number and I let the guy have control of my computer and he told me that a bunch of my drivers had been stopped, so I asked him to restart them and he said that he couldn’t because someone from a foreign country had taken control of my IP address and cloned it 12 times and they kept changing it.  He said that he saw someone installed this thing called Koobface on my computer which is a computer worm which spreads via social networking sites.  He told me that my virus software does not protect from these things and that I had to purchase a firewall.  I bought the firewall from a company named I-Soft and they installed it and then they worked on trying to get my printer connected.  After 6 hours of tinkering around they told me that my printer was defective and now I am real mad as this wasted a whole day for me.

Sorry as I needed to vent.  I have fun with this challenge every week, as I enjoy seeing all the different songs that everyone will come up with.  Song Lyric Sunday is mostly about having fun and sharing your music with others.  Tell a story, post a video, show the lyrics, but most important, make sure that you have fun.  This week the prompt is Train songs and I feel that everyone should be able to find a song that fits this clothing theme.  Try to find a song that fits the prompt, then write your post and please be patient, and wait for me to approve your pingbacks, or you can just place your link in the comments section.

Here are the “rules”:
• Post the lyrics to the song of your choice, whether it fits the theme or not. If it does not fit, then please explain why you chose this song.
• Please try to include the songwriter(s) – it’s a good idea to give credit where credit is due.
• Make sure you also credit the singer/band and if you desire you can provide a link to where you found the lyrics.
• Link to the YouTube video, or pull it into your post so others can listen to the song.
• Ping back to this post will eventually work, as long as you are being patient, but you can also place your link in the comments if you don’t like to wait.
• Read at least one other person’s blog, so we can all share new and fantastic music and create amazing new blogging friends in the process.
• Feel free to suggest future prompts.
• Have fun and enjoy the music.

I am writing about the song ‘Casey Jones’ by the Grateful Dead this week.  Next week I will write about ‘Truck Drivin’ Man’ by Buck Owens.  The upcoming prompts will be:
October 6, 2019 – Bus/Truck/Lorry
October 13, 2019 – Drifter/Loner/Vagabond
October 20, 2019 – Lean/Sit/Stand

84 thoughts on “Trains

  1. Jim, so sorry you are having technical difficulties with your computer and printer meshing. Have you tried to find drivers at cnet for it to update your computer. I’ve had to go there at least a few times to upgrade drivers.

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    1. The scammers and hackers are so smart these days knowing how to maneuver around the deep web and the dark web, where most people don’t know much about this. I am glad I got the Firewall and I hope it protects me, but they said that I have to keep updating it, because they are always coming across new threats.

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      1. You may know this already… but if you have a problem with any program connecting to a site for an update or whatever…remember first to look at your firewall settings. We run into that a lot.

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      2. I will keep that in mind, but I am feeling so unlucky now, buying a computer and a printer that were both defective, because of bad ports. I never thought I would have a problem with the USB Type B square connector not being able to communicate with my computer. It is sad how products are rushed out to the shelves without being tested.

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      1. I use Malwarebytes too. I’ve always installed it on any new computer I buy. It’s cheap, it’s effective and even IT people recommend it. I realize it’s a bit of closing the barn door after the horse has bolted effort, but prevention is always a wise idea. Good luck Jim. 😦

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      2. I guess I rushed into buying the Firewall product that I purchased, but when the guy showed me how someone took over my IP address and stopped many of my drivers and installed that Koobface worm, I just wanted it fixed as I only just got this computer on Tuesday.


      3. I was just thinking you could use them to keep doing one-off scans until the computer is clean. Getting it clean has got to be the first goal. If the worst comes to the worst, this computer is only a week old, so can’t have much stuff on it yet. Is totally reinstalling the o/s an option? I know it’s a nightmare, but is it an option? You can just download Windows from Microsoft and you should have a valid license key, if not you used to be able to pick one up for a few dollars on eBay.

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  2. Gawd. I’m sorry about the troubles and the cost and the ineptitude of the people who were supposed to ‘help’. Someone else recently got a defective printer too (someone who blogs here). That’s incredibly discouraging! And then had to do a similar set of jumping through hoops to ‘fix’ it when it was the printer that was damaged all the time. Grrrrr. I’m going to possibly sever my connect with the Face Place. I have enough problems without some idiot pretending to be me (although why they’d want to is a huge mystery. If they’re looking for financial gain, they’re screwed. I ain’t got no money.) I hate those kind of pond scum and hope they die screaming. ANYWAY. Here’s my contribution to this week’s SLS:

    Have a better week Jim.

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      1. I was hoping to see Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath, Beatles – One After Nine O Nine, Hendrix – Hear My Train A’ Comin’, Leadbelly – I’m Leavin’ on the Midnight Train, Bob Dylan – It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry and so many others, but overall this was a great week.

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      2. Oh my goodness, you’re complaining? Pshaw. Like you said, you can run the prompt again and maybe get some of your desired tunes. You’re right, there are so many train songs out there. BTW, you can now consider me a Grateful Dead fan. The “Jam Bands” channel on pandora radio has been playing a lot of their music, and the more I give thumbs up to the more they play.

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    1. The reason that you had to do this three times is that your Train Train song kept going into my spam folder. I am pretty consistent at checking that, but it did slip by me this time.


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