Ten Miles To Go

Treebeard, who was also known as Fangorn, was the oldest Ent left in Middle-earth and he was experiencing otorhinolaryngologic problems related to his ENT ear, nose and throat.  He was related to the trees, but he was able to uproot himself and become mobile.  The name ent is the Angol Saxon word for giant and he was very tall.  Both his ears ached, his nose kept running and his throat was very sore, so he was walking to the doctor’s office today, which was ten miles away.  He knew when a tree fell in the forest, even when he was not around to hear it, as he could feel their pain.

On his way to the doctor, he started singing, “When I was just a lad of ten, my father introduced me to a lovely lemon tree.  We fell in love, as I found the lemon tree to be very pretty, and the lemon flower was sweet.  No one would ever bother my love, because they found the fruit of the poor lemon impossible to eat.”  Singing always makes the journey go quicker and like that he arrived at the doctor’s office.  The doctor invited him to come into the office but told him that he would first have to leave that cuckoo bird and its nest outside.  Treebeard said, “Catching a cuckoo bird can be more of an art than science, but since I understand how they behave all I will need is a net to catch them.  I can tell that this is a male Cuckoo by the song he is singing and the fact that he likes to sit on tall trees.  To catch him, I will have to throw my voice, so it sounds like it is coming from down low.  This will make him think that a female or possibly a rival is in the area, and he will be forced to come down to investigate, probably dive-bombing within seconds and then you must net him.”

Written for Linda G Hill’s September 28, 2019 Stream of Consciousness Saturday which is hosted by Dan today, where the prompt is “ent” “ten” “net”.

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  1. Wow! That was very clever and quite a trip. I trust Treebeard’s ENT issues have cleared up by now. If not, he could try some kind of natural remedy. Perhaps he will find that lovely lemon tree with a bee hive in her hair, and she will offer a lemon/honey combo.

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