It’s That Time Again

PCGuyIV the host of Thoughts & Theories has another installment of Fibbing Friday questions for all of us today.

  1. Why did the Proclaimers say they would walk a total of 1,000 miles instead of using some other form of transport?

The Scottish twins were alien enthusiasts and they wanted to storm Area 51 to meet the little green men.

  1. Why did Aloe Blacc say to wake him up when it’s all over rather than before it ends?

That is because even though he didn’t enjoy causing pain for others, there was something about hurting people that he liked.

  1. What exactly is a big bright green pleasure machine?

I am not exactly sure, but you can get it on Amazon.

  1. Where is Honalee?

This is one on the Hawaiian Islands.

  1. Why did the Monkeys say to take the last train to Clarksville instead of an earlier one?

I told her once and then I told her twice, someone will have to pay the price, but she never listens to my advice, so we broke up.  She wanted to see me again and I told her to take the last train, because I was working with Andrew Oldham who locked Mick and Keith in a room and told them not to come out until they had a song.  I had the key to the room and I had to watch them, so the last train worked best for me.

  1. Why did she leave home Wednesday morning at 5:00?

She enjoyed irritating her parents, so she ran away before they woke up.

  1. Exactly what is it that sweet dreams are made of?

Doughnuts and jelly beans.

  1. Why did the Rolling Stones want the red door painted black?

Too many prostitutes kept showing up, as they thought they could work there.

  1. What exactly was going on behind the green door?

This is where Deepthroat and Debbie both did Dallas.

  1. Why was there smoke on the water?

Willie Nelson thought marijuana could save his life, so he invented a giant bong.

Written for Fibbing Friday.

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