A Melting Story

As winter was ending Morning Fawn began telling her only son Bambi about the forest and warning him of the dangers of Man.  They just endured a harsh winter and Morning Fawn saw that the giant icicle was starting to melt, so she knew Spring was near.  Soon there would be patches of grass for them to graze on and life would be good.  Morning Fawn senses the hunters, smelling they are near and she tells Bambi to run back to their den and not to look back.  Bambi makes it home, but his mother didn’t, because the evil men with guns killed her.  Bambi’s father, the Great Prince realized what happened to his mate, so he goes to the den to tell Bambi that his mom will never come home again.

The Great Prince told his son, “There are certain things in life that are out of our control and when you go out into the Meadow, you have to be super aware of everything around you, because it is such a huge open space.  You must learn to stay in the thicket and remain alert watching everything all the time.  There are some things that only a mother can provide for her growing son, and you will never get the never ending love from me that your mother could have provided you.  Life will have its terrifying moments and your mother could have always been there for you, giving you a hug and a smile and telling you how much she loves you, but now you will have to learn to do without all this affection.  Your mom could have provided comfort for you as you went through life, but all I can do is teach you is how to survive.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #280.

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