The Whole Nine Yards

Today is the ninth day of the ninth month and I am up on cloud nine after taking some of that love potion number nine.  I just passed by Deep Space 9 on my way to the ninth circle of hell.  Seven of Nine is looking mighty fine dressed to the nines.  A stitch in time saves nine and a cat is said to have nine lives.  Jesus died after hanging on the cross for nine hours.  Ludwig van Beethoven wrote nine symphonies.  Nine judges make up the United States Supreme Court.  Zeus and Mnemosyne had nine daughters, who became the muses.  A human pregnancy ordinarily lasts for nine months.

My smoke detector uses 9V batteries and a Royal 9 wins in baccarat. In baseball the lineup consists of nine players and 9 also represents the number of innings in a regular game.  Rip Van Winkle took a long nap after playing some ninepin bowling.  Golf courses often have a front nine and a back nine.  There were nine ladies dancing and many people work a nine-to-five job.  Something or someone that creates a short-lived sensation is called a nine day wonder.  The ninth month of the year is September, and it is the only month in the English language whose number of letters in the name corresponds to the number of the month.

John Lennon seemed to be obsessed with the number nine.  He was born on Wednesday October 9th, 1940, the first home he lived in was at 9 Newcastle Road, Wavertree, Liverpool and various events in his life were associated with the number. Lennon’s songs included ‘Revolution 9’, ‘One After 909’ and ‘#9 Dream’.  The song ‘Revolution 9’ came out on The Beatles’ ninth original UK album, their self-titled double long-player commonly known as the White Album.  ‘Revolution 9’ featured a series of tape loops, where the phrase “Number nine” kept recurring.

In 1970, John Lennon told Rolling Stone, “Revolution 9 was an unconscious picture of what I actually think will happen when it happens; just like a drawing of a revolution.  All the thing was made with loops.  I had about 30 loops going, fed them onto one basic track.  I was getting classical tapes, going upstairs and chopping them up, making it backwards and things like that, to get the sound effects.  One thing was an engineer’s testing voice saying, ‘This is EMI test series number nine’.  I just cut up whatever he said and I’d number nine it.  Nine turned out to be my birthday and my lucky number and everything.  I didn’t realise it: it was just so funny the voice saying, ‘number nine’; it was like a joke, bringing number nine into it all the time, that’s all it was.”

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