The Lady Giant

Yes, that one from the Jack and the Beanstalk story, the one who hid Jack in a copper pot, so her husband would not eat the young boy for breakfast, well she is back.  She lived above the clouds with her Giant husband, but he passed on and she became lonely.  The beanstalk had long since decayed and disappeared and she decided to embark on an adventure to see what was down below.  Over the years, all of her clothes had rotted away, because of all the dampness up in the clouds and she did not have any material left to make a new outfit for herself.  Before she met her late husband, she worked as a nude model and she became extremely comfortable with her body considering it to be a work of art.

She knew that she would not be able to find a mate like this, as clothes have a lot to say about who you are.  Fashion would affect her dating strategy and if she could only get some sexy clothes, that would go a long way to spicing up her love life and allow her to become the ultimate temptress, teasing all the available Giant men.  Jack had become quite rich from that golden goose, but sadly it passed away last year and right now he was looking for new business opportunities.  The lady Giant recognized Jack and he told her that he could get her material for new clothes if she was willing to give the local townsfolk tours of her castle up in the clouds.

Written for Kira’s Sunday Scribbles weekly inspirational art piece.

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