Making Stuff Up

  1. What’s at the core of a baseball?

The whole ball of wax.

  1. Why do leaves change color in autumn?

They are trying to make life more difficult for the chameleons.

  1. Why are some superstitions called ‘old wives’ tales’?

Because the young wives have more important things to do.

  1. What is Labor Day all about?

This is the day that she is having my baby.

  1. Why do schools traditionally stop classes during summer?

They don’t want the students becoming too smart.

  1. Why is US football played in autumn?

Because this is the season of the witch.

7. Why is the World Series championship awarded to the team that wins 4 out of 7 games rather than just which team wins 1 game?

This way they get to play more commercials.

8. Why is football called soccer in the US?

Because the rest of the world is wrong.

9. Why are bachelor degrees so named?

Because first comes love, then comes marriage and then they need to get a baby carriage.

10. Why are there no holidays in August?

That is when Jerry Garcia died.

Written for Fibbing Friday hosted by PCGuyIV this week.

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