Baby I Love Your Way

Are you looking for a fun writing challenge today? Stop by the MM Music challenge, listen to Peter Frampton and join in on the fun.

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This is a very romantic love ballad that was written and performed by English singer Peter Frampton and it charted #43 in the UK and went to #12 in the US and it also reached number three in Canada. Frampton is telling his girl that he loves everything about her and that he wants to be with her day and night.  Originally, this went nowhere when it was first released as a single in 1975 from his fourth studio album, but before he went on tour and recorded it again on his live album, Frampton Comes Alive, it became a huge hit.

This song ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’ invokes feelings of being with a new girlfriend or possibly a long-term lover and looking deeply into her eyes as sunset is occurring. Shadows are moving, the moon is shining and the singer is telling himself not to hesitate as the is…

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