Such Is Life

As funny as it may sound, I just started practicing omphaloskepsis and I found that staring at my navel for a prolonged period of time allows me to slip into a hypnotic state. Since today is a holiday and I don’t have all that much to do, and I am uncertain if the hurricane is going to get here or not, I figure that I will indulge in some navel contemplation today.  When I was young, everybody made fun of my bellybutton, as I have an outie and 90% of the population has an innie.  It is a unique trait and it does not embarrass me, as not everyone sees my outie all the time, because I wear shirts when I am outdoors, except when I go swimming.  One good thing about having an outie is that I don’t get a lot of lint caught inside of my bellybutton.

Another thing that the kids made fun of me for was my flat feet, as my footprints after coming out of the swimming pool looked different from everyone else’s, because I don’t have an arch and this made them laugh.  This flat feet condition only bothers me when I need to buy new shoes, as I have to find the ones with low or no arches, or if they do have an arch, it must be like a cushion.  I read that about 30 percent of people have a flat foot, but I wasn’t able to find any statistics on people with two flat feet, which I have.  Overall this is not so bad, as I would rather have flat feet than some type of mold or fungus growing on my feet.

I have some scars that are still on my back after 60 years, as I fell through a glass shower stall and ended up getting 28 stitches in my back.  I also got 8 stitches in my head after I crashed into a car while riding a bicycle.  I was a bit clumsy when I was younger and getting injured became a trend for me.  When I was 14, I was playing baseball with the neighborhood kids and I got hit in the chest with a line drive, because I wasn’t able to get my glove up in time before the ball came. I don’t have any pain, but my right nipple is slightly enlarged after getting hit with the baseball.  I never told anyone about this, because I thought that it would return to normal size, but it never did.  I guess I am lucky to be a guy as most people are not interested I looking at male nipples and my right one is only slightly bigger and most likely most people don’t notice it all that much.  I really don’t look all that great when I am undressed, with my outie, my enlarged nipple and my flat feet, but such is life and I don’t plan on entering any beauty contests.  Basically, I am not the best looking guy on the beach.

Overall my childhood was great, but it could also be described as being bittersweet, because it was mostly pleasant, but it did include moments of suffering, regret and disdain, although nothing that bad happened, that it couldn’t be fixed with a hug. My dad was the best, as he always played with his children as soon as he got home from work and he showed me how to make a paper airplane.  I was always given plenty of food to eat and my parents also made sure to keep my sister and I away from lead paint.  Right now the automatic ice maker is on the fritz, which is annoying.  The ice cubes will still freeze and fall into the dispenser, but they are not distributed when I press the button.  This requires me to remove the drawer on a daily basis and fill up a container with them, as when you live in Florida, you need ice.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #148, hosted by Yves where the prompts are Disdain, Eat, Lead, Cushion, Sister, Hug, Mold, Omphaloskepsis, Bittersweet, Trend, Freeze and Paper Airplane.

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    1. I ordered a new one and it is going to be specially built and really nice. It is supposed to be ready on September 8th and then they say it will take three days to ship it to me, so I just need to be patient. I will be inside when the storm hits and I should be safe. Thanks for your wishes Punam.


    1. It is so eerie here today, as it is almost 9 AM and it is almost completely dark. A lot of my neighbors have left abandoning their homes to make sure they are clear of the storm. The storm from what I see is going to stay out in the ocean, but the costal communities had mandatory evacuations. I live in Central Florida and it is actually the highest point in Florida, so I am not worried about floods. They canceled my garbage and recycling pickup that was scheduled for today and I bet the mail won’t come either. Right now it is quiet, but tonight and tomorrow I expect it to be like a tropical storm here, which means winds about 50 mph and maybe 4 inches of rain. I just hope I don’t lose power.

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