Inner Beauty Lives Forever

When people get old their outer beauty will probably fade, and even though this may be looked at as developing character, they get wrinkles, suffer hair loss, and lose their mobility and get out of shape, but their essence, their core will not change, because this is their inner beauty.  A person’s inner beauty is what makes every individual unique.  Inner beauty is not something that ugly people say to themselves so they can feel better, this is a real thing.  Beauty will always remain in the eye of the beholder, but real beauty is much more than a visual thing, as it comes from within and it makes up your personality.

I did not get a lot of dates when I was in High School and it was because I lacked confidence in my appearance, having warts on my hands and pimples on my face was not a good look.  I did have confidence in my ability to make others laugh, so I was not a total loser.  My mom took me to a doctor who was able to freeze the warts and they fell off which made me feel better.  My sister introduced me to Noxzema skin cream and she told me to try and avoid touching my face, because my hands had germs on them and that was aggravating my skin.  This helped and my completion cleared up a bit.

Some kids had worse acne than mine and this one kid in particular looked really bad.  I remember eating lunch at the pizza parlor one day and this guy walked up to him and told him to leave, because his face was making everyone so sick that they couldn’t eat their pizza.  He actually said, “Your face looks like it was on fire and someone beat it out with a chain”, which made the kid leave.  I felt bad for that kid, but I was also glad that he was not sitting next to me anymore.  I was never belonged to the IN crowd, but I wasn’t a complete outcast either.

Growing up is difficult on most students and trying to fit in can be real rough for some.  Physical beauty plays a big part in how you will fit in with others.  Everyone wants to date the girl that is the most attractive and when you are young, nobody considers inner beauty.  I don’t have any message to share with others about beauty other than maintaining a positive attitude towards yourself could go a long way to fixing your self image.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt “Inner Beauty”.

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  1. I had a girl in my class who had terrible psoriasis of the skin and her face was forever flaky. People referred to her as Cornflake. She had a terrific personality and accepted her condition as a part of her, but I’m sure the jibes cut deep.

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  2. I was always average, but then after my divorce at age 50 for a little while I looked good for my age. I had lots of dates for a few years, but didn’t find “the one.” Now I’m average again. Most men, even when older, still want a woman who looks hot and young, at least in California.

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  3. A kid went to our school who aged rapidly…he looked in his 50s at 18… he did have a hard time fitting in at first but eventually did.

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  4. I have what might be considered a unique look. But it is my belief that in this world I will find many people who think I am beautiful, many who think I am average, and many who think I am ugly. Luckily not everyone has exactly the same idea of beauty, even external beauty and then of course once someone gets to know you their opinion can improve a good deal. I know personally that there are some people I didn’t find beautiful until they smiled at me, until we laughed together, and shared a genuine conversation. In high school I was an outcast in the sense that I didn’t belong to a particular clique, have many friends but I talked to whomever spoke to me and didn’t get mixed up in too much drama. I also could stand up for myself, despite being shy because I am just not the sort to let a bully dictate my life. I found my classmates also stood up for me even though we weren’t close/didn’t hang out. Possibly because I have or am told I have an innocent, harmless sort of appearance. Anyways I was rather and quite oddly popular with boys in high school despite being a shy, weird girl. I had a female classmate ask me how I could be popular without being promiscuous, outgoing, or even above average and I couldn’t answer but a male classmate said because She is real, she is just herself all the time. I thought that was nice and I think it goes to show that people are not always shallow. I think really most people are looking for acceptance and to be heard. I also think self-acceptance plays into it as well. You’ve got to come to terms with you and be willing to let people see you despite the risk of getting hurt or rejected. People can’t see your inner beauty if you don’t let yourself be seen.

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    1. Yves, I enjoyed your story and this was a great topic that you came up with. I am honored to be a part of your group. I met Pat wildchild47 who is part of your staff and she helped me out a lot when I first started the Music Challenge in the middle of April. I also got a lot of help from Sarah Whiley and Candice Daoud. I enjoy writing in all of the MM challenges. I found the MM About page and I think that it should probably be updated as I have never heard of Oloriel, Lorraine or Bastet before and I took over for Mandi.
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  5. If only every one could “see” inner beauty. I think the world would be a better place. We would know who to avoid. Looks arent all that matter. Jesus told us we are worth more than many sparrows. And that God cares for them so how much more so us. He cares about our inner beauty. ♡


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