Vesta Warms The Day

Saturn swallowed his first five children, those being Vesta, Ceres, Juno, Pluto, and Neptune.  While Vesta was trapped inside the stomach of her father Saturn, she always regarded her younger siblings as being her wards, so she saw to their well-being as best she could.  Vesta was not happy being inside her dad’s stomach, so she made herself turn into a flame and she exuded hydrochloric acid, which helped to digest the food that her father ate and it also killed any surrounding bacteria to protect her siblings.  This caused her father to experience a painful burning feeling of indigestion after each meal that he consumed.  Her brothers and sisters which were all swallowed after her, did not like the fiery symptoms that she produced, but since she was the first child inside, she made all the rules.  The only thing that gave Vesta’s siblings any pleasure while they were in the belly of their father, was when Saturn ate salty cakes, as this allowed them to tolerate the fire made by Vesta.

Jupiter freed his brothers and sisters from his father’s belly by making Saturn vomit.  As Vesta was the first to be swallowed, she was also the last one to be disgorged, and so she became the eldest and the youngest of the six Olympians.  Vesta’s sisters, Ceres and Juno both got married and bore children, but Vesta was never able to tolerate men.  When the gods Phoebus and Neptune sought her hand in marriage, Vesta refused and she asked Jupiter to let her remain an eternal virgin. Jupiter agreed and then Vesta took her place at his royal hearth.  Her symbol became the sacred eternal flame.  Vesta remained sexually pure and uncorrupted, saving her energy for protecting the earth, and being the guardian of the Roman people.

Written for Kira’s Sunday Scribbles weekly inspirational art piece.

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