Over The Back Fence

“Yes it is true, there is a little known nudist resort called Paradise Gardens just on the other side of that fence”, said Dan.  He went on, “In fact they are having an open house this weekend if you want to go in and look around, what do you say?”  Pete said, “Although that does sound like fun, I would be a little bit out of my comfort zone getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers.  How about we get a ladder and watch them from here?  I have heard stories that the majority of people who go to those places are middle aged overweight and out of shape and it would be fun to see their guts hanging in all different ways over their waistlines, checking out the unrestrained fat and looking at their genitalia flopping around without us being so close that we would be smelling their ass cracks.”

Dan said, “I think that they like being called plus sized people and these resorts are all about body acceptance, no matter what your physical body looks like.  Nudists are known to be very friendly and once you strip you will develop a wave of confidence, all your anxiety will melt away, as you relax in this new experience, and you will forget that you are actually naked.  When you’re fully exposed in front of everyone, there is no need to pretend, seeing everyone naked becomes a bond, as nudity is the great equalizer.”  Pete said, “If we did go, what is the proper protocol for looking at everyone, do I wear sunglasses, so nobody knows that I am staring at them?  Where do I direct my eyes?  How do I ignore it when all I see is a penis here and a penis there, penis, penis everywhere.  Should I try not looking down, because that would be difficult for me when a naked person is right in front of me, as my eyes will become distracted.”  Dan said, “You can have a quick glimpse, take a look and try not to stare, just try to keep your eyes on the right level most of the time.  You will get the hang of it, no pun intended, but since smartphones are banned, you should bring a book.”

Pete said, “I don’t have any idea why someone would decide to get naked revealing their flesh in front of other people.”  Dan said, “Nudity is not something that should be shameful, dirty, wrong, sinful, embarrassing, lewd, offensive, obscene or whatever and thinking that way is illogical.  You came into the world naked, so this is natural, beautiful and no big deal and the fears and phobias that you have with nudity are irrational.”  Pete said, “I guess that makes sense, but do we bring our wives with us?”  Dan said, “Sure, I have already talked with Joan and she is excited about the open house.  We are going to go as a couple and you should talk Sadie into joining us.”  Pete said, “I don’t think that I could ever find the courage to do this, but I think that Sadie would go all in.  She loves to walk around naked in the house and she will probably be the first one to strip everything off, but this is petrifying to me.”  Dan said, “Make sure you bring some sunscreen.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver – #236 – August 15th – Over The Back Fence hosted by Michael.

10 thoughts on “Over The Back Fence

  1. Good use of the prompt. I’m guessing it would be liberating but would still be afraid someone would have a phone to take video. Where they’d hide it is another question altogether!

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