State Of Transient Lapse

I used to daydream in school not paying attention to what my teachers were saying and entering my own external world. Most of my teachers though that I was a scatterbrain, a space out, or at least unfocused when I entered my own private Idaho or went to Lala land.  The whole class period would go by and I would have no idea of what actually happened.  When the bell rang I would go to my next class and have no memory of what I was dreaming about.  I read that daydreaming can enhance a person’s creativity and allow the daydreamer to have one of those ah-ha moments of sudden insight about a situation and maybe that is what happened to Newton when he sat under that apple tree and thought about gravity. Daydreaming may allows you to uncover thoughts and ideas you that did not realize you even had or let you look underneath the surface to understand your thoughts better.  In a way your mind becomes unhinged when it is allowed to roam freely.  Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland said, “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

Written for Sara’s Closet Full Of Notebooks Prompt 307 – Daydream.

3 thoughts on “State Of Transient Lapse

  1. I still have a problem with daydreaming…during business meetings where hardly anything gets done…I have to make myself stay focused…probably not a good thing at my age but long meetings are rarely productive and the daydreams start.

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      1. I can’t describe the dislike I have for them. I have to go into one at 9 today that is senseless…I wont get real work done and they will be asking about the work…I am not doing because…I’m in a meeting.

        Sorry…this is a sore subject for me…time to daydream.

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