Not Much Of A Mystery

Di at pensitivy101 was gifted the Mystery Blogger award by the bloke Rory we all know and love.  She decided to pass it on to me and this is one award that I have never won before, so it is a great honor and I want to thank Di which I will do by being a good sport and answering her questions, which also looks like a lot of fun.  Di asks:

  • If you were a member of the opposite sex for a week, what would you find the most difficult?
  • Have you ever eaten an oyster?
  • Have you had a conversation with an imaginary person/friend and then discover someone had eavesdropped?
  • When shopping, do you squeeze a loaf of bread to test for freshness?
  • What is your favourite dessert?

In order to look half decent as a woman, I would have to get rid of my body hair as I have very hair arms and legs.  Luckily I don’t have a pronounced Adam’s apple, so I could swing that, but I would need to get a wig for my head and I would probably need some makeup.  I might need a girdle to tuck in my belly.  Since this is only going to last a week, there is no need for me to get implants, but I guess I would need some fake boobs to stuff into a bra and then all the guys would be hitting on me, which is the part that I would find the most difficult.

I have never eaten an oyster, although I have eaten clams, fried calamari, conch chowder and turtle soup.  I have heard that eating oysters puts you in the mood, so I guess I would try them if I was given the right incentive.

Nope, although I did have an imaginary friend when I was young who I named Ghosty.  I used to love playing Monopoly, I just couldn’t get enough of it.  When my sister and my brother got tired of playing this game with me, that is when I created Ghosty.  He was invisible to everyone but me.  I was not very nice to Ghosty, as I would cheat him because I enjoyed winning.  I got him to sell me his properties at a low value, so I could always beat him.

I have never squeezed a loaf of bread and I have also never squeezed the Charmin.

I love all kinds of desert and the only three that I have never tried that I would like to someday are Baked Alaska, Cherry Jubilee and Spotted Dick.  I love all types of pies and pastery, so it is hard for me to pick just one.

8 thoughts on “Not Much Of A Mystery

  1. Great answers Jim. Bet you’d look gorgeous!
    I make a quick spotted dick in the microwave which Hubby calls a stodge. It’s great with custard and only takes five minutes. It doesn’t keep though and if not eaten straight away, would be good building material for Trump’s wall.

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      1. It’s a sponge pudding with sultanas which is usually steamed in a basin for hours. I use one tablespoon of flour, a handful of sultanas and an egg (you can add sugar if you like, but the sultanas are usually sweet enough, but I’d only add half a spoonful if I did). I mix it all together, it’s like a very thick and heavy batter, then put it in the microwave for three minutes or until it starts to shrink from the edge of the bowl and bounces back when pressed If it’s still a little sticky, cook for another minute. Custard is best to go with it.

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