Needles And Pins

I have Type II diabetes and that requires me to stick my fingers with pins to draw blood, so I can test it on my meter, letting me know if my blood sugar is in the proper range, or if it is too high, or too low.  My doctor has me taking pills and three different injection pens, which I have to keep refrigerated, so this whole diabetes thing is a real pain in the butt, however since I don’t inject the needles into my butt, I should say it is a pain in the belly.  I developed this system to help me keep track of which area on my belly and which finger, I will stick with the needle or pin, to spread things around and that makes it better when I am not sticking the same place all the time.  I am not real forgetful, but on occasion, I have washed my hair what little there is twice in the same shower, I guess because I was just going through the motions.

I used to think that I could not live without food, but I have learned to control my urges and the thing that I need the most is a computer connected to the internet, as I am addicted to blogging and I don’t think I could survive very long without it.  I have recently cut down on snacks a lot, but I love sweets, especially pastry.  Right now my favorite snack is cinnamon flavored coffee cake.  If I was to leave some wisdom for the youth of today, I would tell them to learn as much as they can, because it never hurts to know something.  When I first met my wife, the girl who would one day become my wife, I found out that she did not like onions and since I despise them I figured that she was the girl for me.  My favorite word used to be fornication, because I just like the way it sounds, but that has changed now into another similar sounding word.  My new favorite word is matriculation.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt “5 by 5” hosted by Yves where we are supposed to answer the following five questions.

  1. An item you just can’t live without
  2. Your favorite snack
  3. A bit of wisdom for the youths of today
  4. A coincidence that unites two people
  5. Your favorite word

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