What Is A Song

A musical composition, a melody accompanied by words, that can be sung by the Byrds, oops birds.  Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess that is why MTV and VH1 were developed.  Sometimes it develops into an earworm and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get that song out of your head.  Not like Little Anthony and the Imperials ‘Goin’ Out Of My Head’ says.  Like the chicken and the egg, if you are writing a song, do you come up with the music or the lyrics first?  Is 102 words enough to describe a song?

Written for Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #118 – Song, where we need to write something about the word song and use exactly 102 words.

10 thoughts on “What Is A Song

  1. A song to me is a wonderful three-minute form of escapism… It’s great when the lyrics and music come at the same time.

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