The Recluse

At home, alone with my thoughts, I write.  I guess this is my way of trying to communicate with others, hopefully stimulating a LIKE or a comment from those who might read my blog.  Sometimes I write to reflect on my experiences and share them with others.  I write for my own enjoyment, so if nobody LIKES or comments on any of my posts, I am fine with that.  Writing keeps me out of trouble, which I have already had enough of in my life.  It keeps my mind sharp, as I am always learning things.  When I feel that I understand something, I have this need to explain it to others.  I wrote a few books, but none of them were ever published, however I did submit a story from my second book for a writing contest and I won first place and received $250 for that.

Blogging on WordPress, I get involved in a lot of writing prompts, which are challenging and fun for me.  I put out posts on a daily basis and sometimes other people LIKE what I write and other times, my stuff is ignored.  I try to write quality stuff, so I stay clear of challenges that impose word count or character count limits.  I am not insecure about myself, but I mostly avoid answering questions and I also dislike the challenges that involve passing it on to others becoming like chain mail.  If I enter a prompt writing challenge, I expect the host to at least read what I write, but this is not often the case.  I am the host of two music writing challenges and I read every post that is submitted, however there have been times where this person’s blog site seems to be corrupted and it does not allow me to hit the LIKE button or make a comment.

Followers are the most useless statistic and they mean nothing to me.  It is possible that all of my followers read every single post that I write, but that is highly doubtful.  The regulars, who do read my posts and join in on the music challenges that I host are where I derive the most satisfaction from.  I like to think of these people as being my friends and blogging is a tit for tat situation, as those who read my posts, I will read theirs.  I read many more posts than I write every day.  I usually write between 3 to 5 posts a day and I guess that I read between 50 to 80 posts every day.  If I think the person put an effort into their writing, then I will hit the LIKE button on their post.

I feel that my writing has improved, since I started blogging and WordPress has been a good place for me.  I don’t think that my writing will ever have an impact that changes the world, but it might inspire some to make a comment, or guide others to share their stories.  This is my way of being social, as I don’t have any real friends.  Writing makes me feel alive and I think that some of my writing can be looked at as a work of art, although some people may also consider the same piece to be total shit.  I like to be clever and maybe after I am gone some of my writing will still remain.  I enjoy writing and I plan to continue writing, but maybe I am just like the fool on the hill writing with my head in the cloud at home.

Written for Rachel Poli I Read I Write I Create – Time To Write – Set the scene.

18 thoughts on “The Recluse

  1. Nice post for the prompt Jim.
    I think my writing has improved since I started blogging too. I do a lot of challenges as you know and enjoy the word count limit as it stops me waffling! I’ve written more poetry in the last 5 years than I have in the last 50, and like you tend to ignore the number of followers as a lot of them aren’t real. Interaction with regular readers is more satisfying and I see them as my blogging family and friends.

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  2. The number of followers is all humbug as barely 1/10th of them ever read the posts of the blogs they follow! WordPress is thriving because of the people who post as well as read frequently and the interactions they have. We all write for ourselves first. But we post here because we are looking for some kind of validation. Otherwise we would be filling the pages of a journal in long hand!

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    1. I would be happy if 1/10 of my followers actually read any of my posts, as I think the number is much lower than that. Validation is important, but I like electronic writing, as it makes editing much easier.

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  3. My research ability has improved since blogging…because that is what I spend most of my time doing except personal feelings about a song, movie, or artist…I’ve learned that just because a post doesn’t get views now…a month from now someone could read it.

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  4. This post has given your readers a lot of insight into who Jim Adams is and why you write the way you do. Thanks for being open about your motivations, why, and how you blog. I may not comment on each and every post you write, but I do read them all and I find your writing to be informative, often educational, and often witty. So keep it up, Jim. You have a loyal — and real — follower in me.

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    1. If it were not for Sight, I may never have read your blog and he always said that we were family and I feel that way also. You run so many challenges, it would be too difficult for you to comment on every post, so I understand that. It is nice to know that you do read them. Some other prompt hosts have never read my posts as I have never gotten a LIKE from them or a comment and I just think that is strange.

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