Uniquely American Problem

When the president of a country encourages hatred, violence will surly follow.  When the NRA has its hands in the pockets of every politician, nothing will ever be done to curb gun violence.

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday – August 7 prompt.

11 thoughts on “Uniquely American Problem

  1. No one needs military weapons outside the military except to mass murder. They are not for hunting deer/geese or to defend a shop/home. The only reason we have citizens with murder arsenals is because of the NRA’s money directly into the pockets of corrupt politicians. It’s beyond disgusting.

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    1. We have suffered so many tragedies here and the aftermath is always the same, calling for prayer and wanting some kind of gun control. Nothing ever gets done and prayer does not prevent the next tragedy from taking place.

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