Road To Hell

We are not in Kansas anymore and we won’t be going to Disneyland.  This bewitching road is taking us straight to hell.  I have been to the mountain and I have crossed a lot of lines in the sand, but Dante gave me an ultimatum and there is zero wiggle room on this.  Sure it will be fusty and when we get back, we will both need to shower or at least wash up, because we will certainly be smelling like a fireplace.  Dante is holding a grudge against Beelzebub for only showing him the nine circles of hell and not all ten of them and although some people believe that this is cynicism at its finest, others say it is pure hogwash.

In the tenth circle we are likely to find burning souls, immersed in human excrement, trapped in icy waters and gurgling to catch their breath.  We may also encounter nomadic people with their heads fully absorbed in the derrières of others.  Those individuals will have swollen bottoms due to the immense size of the heads that were immersed in them and there is no hope for separation.  Surveillance is always diligent, as sinners must suffer eternally for the wrong that they committed in life.  It gives me chills to think how anyone could endure this kind of punishment.  In school, I received a butt wedge many times, but this is unthinkable and we may even see someone contorted in such an unfeasible way as to have their own head inserted into their very own posterior.

That Beelzebub is a chip off the old block and he loves to enforce punishment.  He has no heart and he does not care about anyone, much less a feral creature needing help.  We can’t trust him as he is a real snake and after he shows us the horrific spectacles of the tenth circle, we should hightail it out of there, before he makes an upcoming plan for us.

Written for Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions prompt – Mountain, for Mathew’s Daily Inkling prompt – Lines in the sand, for the Daily Spur prompt – Shower, for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #25, for FOWC with Fandango – Bewitching, for August Monthly Writing Prompts – Cynicism at its finest, for Nova’s Daily Random Word prompt – Nomadic, for Ragtag Community – Fusty, for Paula’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Disneyland Fireplace Zero, for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Chip and for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #145, hosted by Yves where the prompts are Separation Wiggle Wash Surveillance Grudge Feral Chills Wedge Gurgling Upcoming Hogwash Enforce.

8 thoughts on “Road To Hell

    1. Disneyland did not belong in this story, as it does not fit with hell, but in order to fit Paul’s prompt in, I tied it in with the Wizard of Oz. I probably should have done a better job on this story, as it did not get many LIKES, or comments. I wanted to make a point that the tenth circle of hell is worse than the other nine.

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      1. Jim, I think this is one of your better recent stories. You did it up right. Maybe re-post it, it may have gotten lost in the shuffle. As far as Disneyland and Hell not going hand in hand, there are some who would disagree…

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  1. Wow! The only prompt I think you left out was today’s (Elephant) LOL! You got everyone covered in this hairy little story, I agree with Fandango-That scared the crap out of me too, but at the same time, caused a giggle as I pictured the scene. Hell, full of people with their heads up their behinds. Hahahahaha! You may be right!

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