An Odd Duck

People said that Edward was an unusual person, but I always felt that some of best minds are idiosyncratic and unpredictable, so I thought of him as being distinguished or unique and maybe a bit peculiar.  Edward was a thrill seeker and he invested everything in his new theme park that was designed for adrenaline junkies, which he called The Extreme.  He had the world’s longest zip line, there was bungee jumping, sky diving, parasailing and even a tank where people could swim with great white sharks.  He understood that people enjoyed taking risks and doing things that are dangerous, so he decided to improve the spinning ride known as the Gravitron or the Rotor or the Cliffhanger.  This is basically a big cylinder that people get in, lean against the wall, and it starts to spin.  When it spins fast enough, the floor drops away and people are held in place by centrifugal force.  Edward’s improvement involved turning the ride upside down, to make it even more thrilling once the floor had dropped.

Edward figured out how to make this work and he dealt with all of the amusement park ride safety regulations, inspection programs, lawyers and bureaucracy, so this new ride could be operated within the government jurisdiction.  Edward had to be the first one to try this new ride out, so he wore a communication system that allowed him to stay in contact with the person behind the controls whose name was Jack to make this as exhilarating as possible.  All went well at first, the ride spun around, Edward was firmly stuck to the wall, the floor dropped away and then the ride was flipped over, so Edward was left hanging upside down.  The Eagles song ‘Life In The Fast lane’ started playing and Edward was digging it.

Edward felt all the blood rushing to his head, so he decided to spin himself around, and that was when things took a horrible turn for the worse.  Edward started slipping from the wall and sliding down on this death trap.  He screamed at Jack the man controlling the ride to make it go faster, hoping that would hold him in place on the wall and prevent him from slipping off into the wild blue yonder.  Jack told Edward that the ride was running at 90% already, but he could bring it full throttle up to maximum capacity, however he warned that might be dangerous, as they never tested it at that speed before.

At full speed the ride did hold Edward to the wall, and Edward said that he had enough and directed Jack to flip it right side up again, but during that process, it became unstable.  It wobbled back and forth, so Jack lowered the speed back down to 90% of capacity and that is when Edward slipped down again and fell out of the ride.  Edward’s last words were, “The excitement is stupendous”, as his body was being hurled through the air.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver – #234 – August 1st – Excitement hosted by Michael.

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