The Nature Of Man

Joe, Steve and Jorge were all born killers, serving life sentences on death row, before they were selected for the experiment. Joe was an assassin, a hit men, a contract killer who worked for profit and who took pride in his work.  Joe was a sniper in the Army, that is where he developed a taste for killing and after his service ended he put his talent to use.  Steve was an abused child who became a serial killer and it was discovered that he possessed a gene that made him more prone to displaying violent behavior, a specific variant of the enzyme monoamine-oxidase, after he was put away for killing 27 people. Jorge was a merciless, bloodthirsty killer, a member of the MS13 gang and the Juárez drug Cartel, who took pleasure in hacking people to pieces with a machete and a chainsaw.

These men were chosen from a list of more than 2,000 inmates on death row to be part of a new study conducted by the CIA at Area 51, because of their ability to ignore pain.  This study was called Project Procrustes and it involved newly discovered alien technology from a crashed spaceship found at the South Pole.  They were all hooked up to this device which was an artificial biosphere that was capable of sustaining life in the vacuum of space.  It was being tested for its ability to protect the user from harmful radiation, much like the theoretical Dyson sphere, or a megastructure would, but on a smaller level.  The device that these men were connected to, sucked up the energy output of the Sun and encircled their special suits with a protection layer that became a unique closed system extending into the very core of what made them human.

The study involved a deep interconnection between neural structures and human behavior, it was a nature versus nurture scenario that did not involve lobotomy, which the three men were happy to hear.  It could detect damage to the prefrontal cortex of a violent criminal and measure for a reduction in grey matter.  The device was neurologically medicating the subjects and at the same time increasing their empathy, making them less confident and impulsive, which resulted in reducing their propensity for violence.  After they were attached to the device for a period of 5 hours, they became desensitized to everything around them.  The study proved that although killing was inherent in man’s nature, the urge to kill others could be controlled.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #274.

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      2. This is a black and white photo that shows three men, the one on the left is standing, the one in the middle is sitting and the one on the right is laying on his back. They are all wearing the same silly looking hats and there is a strange glowing tube attached to the right foot of the man on the right. This tubing is wrapped completely around all three men and they look like they are electrified.


    1. I am not sure that I meant it to be about stealing fire from the gods, as my intention was to say that people are not born killers and even bad people can change.


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