Waiting Room Chairs

Wow, an empty waiting room, I must be going in next to see the doctor.  This was my first trip to see this new doctor and I had to wait a long time to schedule an appointment.  I always get so frustrated when I make an appointment and I show up at the designated time, but end up being kept in the waiting room for a long time before I get to see the doctor.  I know that every doctor wants to maximize their income, so they schedule as many patients into their day as possible and that medical insurance companies and Medicare are paying them by the patient, not by the amount of time that they spends with each patient.  I waited for over an hour and because I know that only the squeaky wheel gets the grease, I got up and asked the person at the check-in desk how much longer she thought that I would be waiting.  She told me that it would probably just be another half an hour before I get called inside.

I told her that is ridiculous, as I was the only one in the waiting room and she corrected me saying that I was the only one in the overflow waiting room.  I went back to my seat hoping that the regular waiting room was better than this one, as these chairs are padded, but there are no arm rests and it seems very cramped in here.  I have a walkin closet that is bigger than this room.  They should at the very least provide some magazines to read and a TV set would be appreciated.  A few plants would also be nice, so I don’t feel like I am running out of oxygen.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Donna.

7 thoughts on “Waiting Room Chairs

  1. If i walk into a doctors waiting room and find it empty, two things come to mind: the doctor is not there, 2nd, he’s a bad doctor.
    If there’s another second room…. I wonder how overworked he is and if he’s able to diagnose under pressure…. I’m a cynic, by the way.

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    1. I feel that most family practice doctors are overloaded with patients and they don’t diagnose their patients as thoroughly as was done years ago. I always feel like the examinations have been cut short so they can see more patients.

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  2. I found a doctor…my general practitioner that will actually talk about what problem is going on and will not just walk away like many doctors. I do have to wait to see him because he talks to everyone…I know that is rare

    Now… the other Doctors…the specialist I go to overbook and will get me out of there as quick as possible like some damn assembly line.

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