Private Eyes

They congregated up in the hills, far away from judging eyes.  Breathtaking nature and first-class service awaited them at the nudist resort.  It was actually called a clothing-optional resort, so you could choose to wear clothing or to be naked, but most people go all in, and let it all hang out peeling off all of their clothes as soon as they arrive.  There is a certain kind of freedom that you can only feel when you are butt naked and surrounded by a crowd of nearly a hundred other people all in their birthday suits.  There are several areas in the resort where you’re actually required to be totally nude, but you would only be showing off your body in front of other naturists.  If you are new to this lifestyle and you feel that being naked is something that you only would do in the privacy of your home, and certainly not around other people and definitely not in public, that probably stems from being taught that this is wrong.

People that visit these resorts enjoy being free from their clothes and they’re more than happy for others to enjoy doing the same around them.  The human body doesn’t like being covered and the human mind doesn’t like being ashamed and embarrassed.  These people celebrate the undressed freedom, being it a nude beach, a topless pool, or taking a hike in the buff and they feel that it is wrong to feel that anyone would have to hide themselves from others.  Developing a lack of body shame can be very empowering for anyone’s self esteem.  If you can spend a week naked in front of hundreds of other people, then you can do anything.  Most of the guests are all just very normal people of all ages and sizes with very normal bodies, so this is not a beauty pageant featuring just hot, ripped and toned bodies.  If you want to tan and not get tan lines, this is the place to go.  Obsessing over body flaws stops at the gate, as here you will not be constantly bombarded with body-shaming images.  Nudist resorts are significantly friendlier than other clothed resorts, and since no one is judging you, you will feel accepted.  Another plus is that you won’t need to bring a lot of luggage on your vacation.  Maybe the biggest drawback of a nude vacation is that cameras are frowned upon, so all you can take back is your memories, anyway being naked you wouldn’t leave you with any pockets to hold your cell phone.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday hosted by Dylan.

10 thoughts on “Private Eyes

      1. So these are the rationalizations she tried on you to get you to go? I knew a nudist who stayed nude whenever possible and after awhile I didn’t even notice. He was comfortable in his own skin which is what matters.

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      2. She was a nurse and she saw people naked all the time and she believed that it was not a sexual thing, she was just comfortable like that. I think I will always see nakedness as being sexual, but I would have never tried to make any moves on her daughter. Some things are just wrong.

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