Ethnic Cleansing

The big kahuna in the white House said that we need to drop sarin gas on this crowd, because he wants to make America hate again.  This colorless, odorless weapon of mass destruction should do the trick and if not we better think of something quick, because white supremacy is the new way of handling things, since he could not get his wall built.  We don’t need diversity, because they are taking our jobs away and these immigrants are rapists and they bring crime and violence to our cities and towns.  We need to kill them all so they don’t put any more strain on our economy.  All they do is have babies and bring filthy diseases here from their shithole countries.  Dropping this gas on the crowd below is the best way to systematically force the removal of this scourge from our society.  Bombs away!

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #22.

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