Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

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This song by the British New Wave band Culture Club came out in 1982 on their debut Kissing To Be Clever album.  It was released as a single which charted #1 in the UK and #2 in the US.  Boy George came up with the lyrics, but the songwriting credit went to all the members in the band including Michael Emile Craig a black Jamaican on bass guitar, Roy Ernest Hay a blond Englishman on guitar and keyboards, Jonathan Aubrey Moss their Jewish drummer and percussionist and George Alan O’Dowd an Irish gay man who sang the lead vocals.  George said later that he wrote the lyrics about his relationship with Jon Moss, as they had an affair for about six years that was kept hidden from the public, and George often felt hurt and emotional.  MTV fans became fascinated with Boy George’ sexual ambiguity, his androgynous style of dress…

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