You Can’t Control The Weather

In the 1988 drama/sport movie Bull Durham, these words of wisdom were taught to Nuke (played by Tim Robbins) by Crash Davis (played by Kevin Costner).  “Anyway, a good friend of mine used to say, ‘This is a very simple game.  You throw the ball, you catch the ball.  You hit the ball.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.’  Think about that for a while.”  Just in case you didn’t watch, the American League defeated the National League in the All-Star Game once again last night, winning by the score 4-3.

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday – July 10 prompt.

18 thoughts on “You Can’t Control The Weather

    1. Yea that is a good one. I didn’t watch the All Star game either. I like when Annie Savoy says, “Well, actually, nobody on this planet ever really chooses each other. I mean, it’s all a question of quantum physics, molecular attraction, and timing. Why, there are laws we don’t understand that bring us together and tear us apart. Uh, it’s like pheromones. You get three ants together, they can’t do dick. You get 300 million of them, they can build a cathedral.”

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      1. I am not a fan of baseball, but I love that movie. The chemistry between Susan Sarandon and Kevin Costner is off the charts. But then she ended up marrying Tim Robbins for real!

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  1. I used to watch Baseball before all the steroid scandals, but after all of these athletes tested positive and still denied using it, I felt they were ruining the sport. I would rather watch a good Baseball movie than an actual game now.


      1. The Mets have had some great teams through the years. I like how they took the Giants orange and combined it with Dodger Blue.

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