The Announcement

Mrs. Carrot let all of the vegetables in the garden know that she was going to have babies.  She was no longer a youth and she thought this was her last opportunity to be a parent.  The farmer was so proud and excited, but he was also worried, so he decided to meet with all the rabbits and the groundhogs.  He dangled a carrot in front of them and also shook a stick with his other hand and he told them that they could choose the carrot or the stick and they all chose the carrot, so he installed a stick fence to keep those inimical critters from harming any baby carrots.  The farmer said he would leave the stick fence in place until all the carrots were able to take their first baby steps.  The farmer surrounded his garden with a koi pond to promote health and growth and he figured this natural aquarium would prevent the groundhogs from digging under it to reach the garden.

From the day that Forrest Gump introduced the carrots to the peas, they were always together like peas and carrots, or like peas in a pod, so the peas said that they would like to handle the baby shower.  The rutabagas declined their invitation to the baby shower, saying that they did not care at all to go to be with the baby carrots.  Mrs. Carrot was not offended saying that it was mere verbiage from the rutabagas, as she had made a discovery that they were not worth a carrot, because they were dumber than turnips.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Inimical, for the Daily Spur prompt – Meet, for FOWC with Fandango – Aquarium, for Ragtag Community – Discovery and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Youth.

14 thoughts on “The Announcement

    1. Yes I am and I hope yours is also going well. I just finished taking a dip in the pool and now it is all thunder and lightning, which is sort of normal for where I live. It is much better than being by LA and near the earthquakes.

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    1. I was watching something on TV when somebody said, “You know that there is no such thing as a baby carrot” and that gave me the idea to write this post. The koi pond only ended up here to satisfy Fandango’s prompt, but I bet it would be good for keeping out groundhogs.

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