The research is done and we have moved into the development phase for our cutting edge pancreas nanobots.  Most people don’t know as much about the pancreas like they do about other parts of their bodies, but the pancreas is a vital part of the digestive system and a critical controller of blood sugar levels.  Right now we are concentrating on curing diabetes, but we feel that we will also be able to cure pancreatic cancer one day.  Relentless research and testing has allowed us to stimulate the pancreas with our nanobots, so that it will produce an adequate amount of enzymes and hormones, especially insulin, which is necessary to regulate glucose levels.  Our nanobots will be programmed to control sugars in the body.  Every cell in your body needs glucose for energy.  Insulin is used as a lock to the cell and this lock must be shaped properly to open the cell, thus allowing it to use glucose for energy.

When your pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin or it doesn’t make good use of it, glucose builds up in your bloodstream, leaving your cells starved for energy.  Our first stage will work with type 2 diabetes patients, those people whose bodies no longer use insulin well, so their blood glucose levels can become too high or too low.  They have a pancreas that is still producing insulin, but it’s just not enough to accomplish the job.  The nanobots will work best in conjunction with the subjects being put on a strict diet, getting regular exercise and losing some weight.  We will also need to monitor all of the other pharmaceutical drugs that they are taking.

A large number of our nanobots will be injected into the pancreas and they will work together doing different jobs.  These nanobot swarms will replicate and propagate in the pancreas like the Borg did in Star Trek.  The pancreas will become their home environment and they will be powered by sugar.  We will be utilizing a magnetic field to control the nanobots’ movements and an Apple watch worn by the patient will be employed to change their form to best suit whatever task they need to perform.  They will be able to extend, shrink, split and merge, in their swarm.  They will burst the bubble on science and drive us into the future.  We are incorporating AI technology and each nanobot will become a pupil learning from all of the others.  If this works like we expect it to, we will no longer be living in the dark and the sky is the limit.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Dark, for the Daily Spur prompt – Change, for FOWC with Fandango – Bubble, for Ragtag Community – Pupil and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Drive.

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  1. Being a type 2 diabetic which is controlled by diet rather than medication, the video was very informative, and I am SO glad I’ve changed my eating habits and don’t drink or smoke!

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      1. Good for you! I had my annual check in May, so all being well my counts should be better as I’ve lost over a stone in weight since (and still going). They were only up by 0.2 but it was enough to ‘flag’ me!

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