What Is It Good For

The foremost thing that I do for fun is to play golf, even though I am not a very formidable player.  One day I was on hole number four, which was a par four on Forsgate Golf Course and I heard this guy yell fore, which is what you are supposed to say if you hit your golf ball near somebody.  This guy heard this yell coming from behind him, so he turned around when he heard the call and he got nailed with the golf ball right in his chest, which knocked him flat down.  Eventually he got up, but it was pretty scary.  Yelling fore doesn’t prevent people from getting hurt and it would have been better if that guy didn’t turn around, which makes me think that this guy yelling “fore” on the golf course even though it is proper etiquette might just be useless, so I wonder what is it good for.

Written for 6/29/19 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “for/fore/four”.

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