Ink Spot

I worked night shift in a warehouse when I was younger.  I was in the plumbing department and I was responsible for filling orders that contained materials to connect pipes and other sorted plumbing fittings so they could be loaded on trucks.  I carpooled with this dude who owned a motorcycle and it was his turn to pick me up for work.  He stopped by my place and he told me that he just dropped some acid and he asked me if I wanted to do a hit.  I had gotten high at work a lot of times before, as this was the ‘70s and it was very peaceful being in the warehouse at night, but it was mostly weed and downers.  I said yes and dropped the acid as I was riding on the back of his bike.

I got my orders the tickets that I was supposed to fill and I went down to the loading dock to get a cart to put my freight on.  I sat on this couch looking over the items that I was required to get from their designated bins, as I always found this to be a helpful way of organizing the freight that I would put on the cart.  I would get the bigger items first and then stack the smaller items in boxes on top of them.  I needed to check the items off this list as I gathered them and I had a marking pen to do this.  As I was looking over my list, I grabbed a box to hold the smaller items and that is when the acid kicked in.

I tested my marker out on a cardboard box, to make sure it had enough ink in it for me to complete collecting and checking off all of the required items.  The ink started to bleed out on the box and it was running all over the place.  It was like the ink had a mind of its own and a big spot landed on the floor in front of me.  This ink manifested itself like a cartoon character and it had the ability to walk and talk.  The ink spot said, “How many orders do we have tonight?”  I responded to it like it was perfectly normal that this ink spot was talking to me and I said. “It is a big night, we have twelve orders to fill.  Why don’t you push the cart down the aisles and load the cart and I will sit here and mark everything down on the list?”  The ink spot agreed that was a good idea and off he went climbing into all the bins and getting the stuff.  The flood of freight raged over the entire plumbing department by my new ink spot friend.

I saw my carpool buddy at break time and he told me that he was really spaced out and he asked me how I was doing.  I told him about the ink spot that was helping me and that I had all of my orders already done for the night.  He drove me to a park where a lot of my friends were hanging out and then he went back to work to tell my boss that I had gotten sick.  I should have cared more about my job than to mess up like this, but this night I didn’t care.  The rest of this story I will save for another time.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Unique Personality, 29 June 2019 hosted by weejars aka Sarah and our challenge is to use the personification statement, “The flood raged over the entire village”, which I changed slightly.

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