Thar She Blows

The ocean is alive with the sound of music
Waves are rolling in upon the Pequod
Ishmael my first mate greets me with a smile
So many fish in the sea, I am awed

Encountering obstacles on our eventful journey
No matter the cost, this time I need to win
I can feel it in my bones that he is close
Moby Dick is spotted and I start to grin

Water is spouting from the whale as it surfaces
Ready the harpoons, that is whale tail
That white bastard took off my leg
I want him to be dead as a doornail

19 harpoons were thrust into his sides
The great white pulled our ship for 3 days
The whale turned around and struck the ship
Ishmael fell off the ship and I was in a haze

We threw a coffin overboard for Ishmael
The whale dragged the ship down under the sea
A whirlpool was created by the sinking ship
Only Ishmael survived, it was meant to be

Written for Paula’s Thursday Inspiration 10 where the theme is the sound of music.

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