Believe It Or Not

Debbie and I were both feeling happy and confident, which was exhibited by the spring in my step.  I got tired of wasting all of my time being alone, so I decided to put myself out there and I joined this dating site called “Some New Love” and that is where I met Debbie.  She wrote to me first and told me that she liked my profile.  We found out that we were both members of the Young Republicans and that we were both in love with Trump.  We bonded with our hatred over Hillary Clinton and we both despised Obama.  You could say that our mutual hatred brought us together.  We both felt that Donald Trump has the courage to say what other people won’t say and he promised to drain the swamp and build a wall, which we both feel are good things.

His tax cut didn’t really help either of us, but at least he is trying his best to Make America Great Again.  Trump wants America to return to a better time where men are able to say and do anything they want to women.  He is an incredibly successful at everything he does, real estate, reality TV and he wants to work with the Russians and North Korea.  He is really rich and he knows that the media only produces Fake News.  Debbie and I both know that Mexicans are rapists and we don’t feel that America should get involved with any shithole countries.  We both celebrated when he backed out of the Paris Climate accord and the Iran deal that the Democrats put together.  We are on our way to another Young Republicans meeting where we will discuss putting an immigration question on the next census.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #269.

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