Dam Failure

Harry just finished inspecting the dam and he found it to be structurally unsound.  It was a matter of weeks, or days, or hours before it would collapse, although he could not ascertain the exact time, inevitably it was going give way and flood the town.  Harry sold his house last month to sever any ties he had to this town after his previous inspection revealed the possibility of an impending catastrophic failure was likely.  He wrote a report and sent it to the mayor which stated that a sudden, rapid, and uncontrolled release of the impounded water contained by the dam was probably going to kill everyone in the whole town, but his report was dismissed.

Harry packed his bag, gassed up his car and it was adios amigo, hasta la vista for him.  Harry blamed Trump for supporting the coal industry and ignoring Global Warming warnings that predicted all the severe weather and this was linked to the increased rainfall.  It had been coming down in buckets all year, as the town received Biblical amounts and this was soon going to bite the town in its ass.  Harry was a meteorologist as well as a structural engineer and he knew that the warming planet caused more evaporation, increasing more and more as the world warmed up.  He tracked the intensity of downpours and he saw that they had increased, and he knew this was because the air was only be able to hold so much water at a given time and this was tied to the risk of floods.  This higher rate of evaporation was contributing to more extreme rain and snow events.

Harry hoped that Trump would be impeached in the wake of the flood, or at least that he would not be reelected in 2020.  A trillion gallons of water would soon be moving as quickly as it could out of the reservoir descending on the town in a river like a huge tsunami of water.  Harry hoped that he would make it out in time and he felt bad for those that did not listen to him.  He put on his water proof boots, hiked his pants legs up and headed out of town before the inundation occurred.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #19.

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  1. Don’t be silly, Harry. Climate change is just a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to throw us off our game. Trump, our lord and savior, has declared that to be so and he has everything under control. Silly Harry, the town has nothing to worry about.

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