Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer

Hot child, I always walk behind you for the rear view.  Some guys enjoy looking at legs, and other guys are fixated on boobs, and some guys claim to look at a girl’s face and they notice their eyes and smiles, but I am a guy that likes to look at a girl’s rear end.  I feel compelled to stare, I know that I can choose not to look, but it is just harmless fun for me.  I don’t think of myself as being a pervert, but it is embarrassing when I get caught.  All women are beautiful to me and I probably over sexualize them, as I know that the physical body is merely a shell of their inner soul.

Why does candy appeal to me?  I am a type 2 diabetic and I am supposed to avoid candy because of the sugar, but it tempts me all the time.  I am human and checking out girls comes natural to me.  My grandfather used to go to the mall all the time and my grandmother asked him why he always went there and he said that he liked to look at all the pretty girls there.  My grandmother told him that he was too old to be doing that and he said that when he was too old to look that he would be too old to live.  I see no point in trying to deny my nature especially since I enjoy looking, so I started wearing sunglasses.

Written for GC and Sue W Weekly Prompts Weekend Photo Challenge where the prompts is rear.

7 thoughts on “Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer

  1. Well you’re honest at any rate. A rare thing. Or maybe I’ve just encountered the other kind of male over my life time. Almost all liars, who would waffle or equivocate about their looking, especially if they were supposed to be with me and were caught staring at some bit of fluff. I never got the thrill of that, I knew a woman who liked to stare at men’s crotches and make gestimations about what size they were. That embarrassed me horribly and I said I’d NEVER do that. But like you, I’m ‘guilty’ (I feel no shame nor guilt about it though) of staring at a nice set of buns. The only reason I ever had for watching football actually. 😉 Carry on dude. I suspect you’re one of the good ones. 🙂

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    1. Most of the stuff that I write is just fiction Melanie, including this story. I am very honest and I look and sometimes stare like everyone else. The human body is a beautiful thing and it is meant to be appreciated.

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  2. I think you gave it away when you said you began to wear sunglasses! No sane man would admit publicly to hiding behind sunglasses for the purpose of staring at a woman’s anatomy.
    Everyone looks at others – we look to admire beauty and perhaps to cringe at the ugliness. We are Humans and this is our nature. Thank you for linking to our prompt Jim 🙂

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