Make Like A Tree

A tree has leaves, but because it has roots, it is not able to leave.  This is a real conundrum, because I was told to make like a tree and leave.  Establishing roots prevents one from being able to leave, but these same roots are conducive to growing leaves.  To leave or not to leave, what to do, it is not easy for a tree to choose.  The Ent Treebeard was able to leave, because he was able to uproot himself.  If I were a hammer, no that is not right, if I were a tree and I was uprooted then I would need to make a decision about if I should stay or should I go.  Since trees usually stick around for a very long time, I think this phrase should be changed to, “Make like a tree and stay with me.”

Written for 6/22/19 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “leaves”.

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    1. I read that they hung out with each other backstage at some concerts, and that they jammed together, but there are no recordings of the two of them. Joplin died 16 days after Jimi Hendrix. Just a few months before Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson of Canned Heat also died at the age of 27.


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