I Got This

Mr. Allsopp ran a home delivery service that was different from most others, as he specialized in procuring obscure items. His clientele was made up of the elite and his motto was, “I Got This”, because he felt that where there is a will, there is a way.  He had scruples, which led him to developing his own version of the Hippocratic oath, swearing to help everyone, but never to get involved with the delivery of anything that could cause harm, so he would not ever get involved with the distribution of any weapons or drugs.  Mr. Allsopp would not traffic in exotic animals, ivory tusks, or anything that was stolen or obtained illegitimately.  He believed that if he got involved with illegal contraband that this would just encourage others to break the law.

Mr. Allsopp charged a premium for his services, but he was able to get things that could not be found on Amazon, or in Target, or Walmart.  He had Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses on speed dial, so he could get that one of a kind Faberge egg, or Rembrandt painting that his clients were often looking for.  If you wanted that rare Ferrari, he was the man to call. He had gotten a grill cheese sandwich that had the face of Jesus on it for one of his clients.  One day he obtained a Cheeto that looked just like Toucan Sam for a collector.  He was the guy that could get you tickets for the sold out concert and he was even able to get you a parking spot in Manhattan.

You needed to call Mr. Allsopp if you desired to own the most valuable watch ever created, as he could get you the Graff Diamonds Hallucination watch, that is if you had $55 million to spend.  He could get you invited to that exclusive party, get you the perfect party dress to wear and get you the ideal bottle of wine to bring to your host.  If you needed someone to stand in a queue for you, he was able to provide the perfect person.  He had a good supply of rear butt covers for dogs to keep other dogs from sniffing your pet’s butt at dog parks and these items sold well for ladies that walked their poodles on Park Avenue.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt “Mr Allsopp’s Home Delivery Service” guest hosted by Michael today.

18 thoughts on “I Got This

  1. You responded to this prompt in your Jim and I liked where you went with it. The other comments above suggesting there might be more to this tale I agree with, like where did Mr Allsopp come from and why and how he got into the work he does because I think we could all use a Mr Allsopp in our lives, especially the standing in queues service.

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  2. A great story Jim. Intriguing, mysterious, promising many tales of derring do. I found the Graff hallucination to be garish, not to my liking at all, but maybe that’s because I could never afford it!

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