Slice Of Life

When I was up in baby heaven before I was born, they asked me if I wanted any brains, however I thought that they said pains, so I told them, “No Thank You.”  Three scientists went on an exposition to the Amazon Forest to study the rainforest and the biodiversity of life there.  They all spoke English, but Jules Beauchêne was from France, while Robert Davis was from Britain, and Steve Miller was from New York.  After a while wondering around they get lost, and suddenly men with spears jump out of the bushes to attack them.  It was kind of odd, but these natives also spoke English and one of them said, “Hey, you are on our sacred land, and the penalty for trespassing is that we have to skin you and then we will use your flesh to make canoes.  We will allow you to choose how you want to die.”  Jules the French man said, “Sacrebleu bring me some poison.”  Robert the man from Britain said, “Bring me a gun”, and Steve the man from New York said, “Bring me a fork”.  The natives were confused about the fork, as nobody ever requested that before, but they brought all the items the men requested and gave them to the scientists.  Jules raised the poison to his lips and said, “For the glory of France!”, and he drank the poison and died.  Robert pointed the gun at his head and said, “Long live the queen!”, and he shot himself and died.  Steve the man from New York started stabbing himself repeatedly with the fork and said, “Try and make a canoe out of this, you f…ers.”

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 91 prompt Slice Of Life.

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  1. I like how the mood changes with the flow of the story. Asking for a fork showed presence of mind in adversity, as well as a capacity to bear pain. The other two chose a quick death.

    Thanks for joining in!

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