All Entries Are In

The One Line broke and the monkey got choked and we will not see that cute little bugger again. Linda Hill says that it is time for a new badge for her One-Liner Wednesday, which I write in every week religiously.  I am not submitting a bade this year, as most of my stuff is too far out there for normal people, but 13 contestants are competing for your vote.  This is not an easy choice as all of the badges look good to me, but it is a much smaller field than all the Democrats running for president in the 2020 election.  The picture above shows all 13 badges in a glance and I tried to resize all of them to make it fair.  I apologize if they look a bit blurry, but I hope this helps everyone and remember to vote, because we will all be stuck with the new badge probably for another year.

Vote Here for the 2019-2020 One-Liner Wednesday Badge

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