Up, Up And Away

“Breath in, breath out, you’ll be okay”, said Dylan.  “No, I can’t do this” said Jim, “I want to, but I like being on the ground, so put this balloon down immediately.”  Jim’s girlfriend Dylan was a hot air balloon instructor and she said, “Come on don’t be such a baby, if you look out toward the horizon it will seem better.  Your fear is irrational, as being in this balloon is almost the same as standing on the ground, except you have a better view.  It is not like we are bungee jumping off a bridge or going sky diving.  You promised that you would do this for me and it is just a three hour cruise, so try to have fun.”

Jim said, “Yea, a three hour cruise is what they promised the passengers aboard the island charter S.S. Minnow, before they got stranded on Gilligan’s Island for 11 years.  You said this would be romantic and I feel like I am going to crap in my pants.”  Jim started breathing faster and faster and Dylan said, “This view is breathtaking, but try to remember to control your breathing, so you don’t hyperventilate.  I have always wanted my man to propose to me while we were riding up in the sky, so Jim do you feel like popping the question?”  Jim replied, “The only question that I have is, when is this thing going back down?  Thanks for letting me know your feelings in case I do decide to ask you, but you have now put me in a situation that makes me feel pressured.  The sky is the limit concerning my feelings for you, but I need to be on firm ground, before I make any life altering decisions.”

Dylan said, “I am glad that we were able to discuss this, as we have been dating for four years now and all my girlfriends are engaged or married and my mother keeps telling me to find someone who is serious about me.  Look over there, that is the Baby Trump balloon, it came here all the way from London.”  Jim said, “I wouldn’t mind if someone let some air out of that, and it would be awesome to watch it crash and burn.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday hosted by Dylan.

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