Tie A Yellow Ribbon

The night before I went into the army my girl and I watched an old movie together.  It was the 1949 Technicolor Western She Wore a Yellow Ribbon directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne.  Three long years later, I had completed my service, done my duty serving my country, but I was not sure if I would be welcomed home by my girl.  She didn’t want me to go away, because I would be gone for so long.  The movie gave me this idea, so I asked my love to tie a yellow ribbon around the ole oak tree in front of the house, if she still wanted to be with me when I returned.  When I rode by on the bus, if the ribbon was not there. this would be a signal telling me that she had moved on.  I was worried as the bus approached her house and I asked the bus driver to check to see if he saw a yellow ribbon out in front of her house.  The whole bus started to cheer and I was amazed to see, one hundred yellow ribbons were tied around that old oak tree.

Written for Paula’s Thursday Inspiration 7, where the theme is ribbon.

11 thoughts on “Tie A Yellow Ribbon

  1. I was 12 in 1979 and I remember this song being played a lot when the Iranian crisis was going on in support of the hostages.
    It is one of the catchiest songs ever…

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      1. The thing about Tony I remember most…cause I was just a kid at the time of their show was that him and Freddie Prince would joke on how much they looked alike.
        The song does have a great story

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  2. I do like the song, and used to watch their show all the time. As for the movie…I’ve seen it, but I just don’t care for John Wayne at all. Good story though, that the song tells, and your take on it. 🙂

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