The Mysterious Rainbow

Bifröst the burning bridge
A rainbow that reaches between
Midgard and Asgard

The realm of the gods
Described in Nordic stories
Created by Odin

God’s promise to man
Not to destroy life again
Wickedness was gone

Making dreams come true
Happy little bluebirds fly
Troubles Disappear

Precipitation, evaporation, convection, condensation, clouds, rain, snow, hail, fog, storms, vapor, moisture and beautiful rainbows.  Aristotle was the first to really try to describe the rainbow.  Epicurus wrote that the rainbow arises when the sun shines upon humid air.  Alexander of Aphrodisias said the rainbow actually consists of two rainbows, the primary and the secondary.  Robert Grosseteste pioneered rainbow theory describing changes in atmospheric conditions, and in quantity and quality of light, altered the shape of the light rays to create the many colors in any single rainbow.  Roger Bacon measured the angle of the rainbow as being 42°.  Theodoric of Freiberg discovered the actual scientific cause of the rainbow.  Descartes simplified the study of the rainbow by reducing it to a study of one water droplet and how it interacts with light falling upon it.  Isaac Newton explained the rainbow’s most spectacular aspect is its colors as he showed that white light being refracted in a prism is split up in colors.  Thomas Young showed that in some rainbows, faint arcs just inside and near the top of the primary bow can be seen.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, June 5th 2019, rainbow.

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