What Is A Trumper

President Donald Trump went off on special counsel Robert Mueller’s motives after he rebuffed Trump’s repeated claims that the Russia investigation had cleared him of obstructing justice.  His words about Mueller in verbatim were that he was “a true never Trumper” and “didn’t get a job that he wanted very badly.”  I guess if our distinguished president uses a word, then it must actually be a word.  According to the Urban Dictionary, a Trumper is a supporter of Donald Trump, however this word is often used in a derogatory fashion to insult someone’s political views.

Who would even think of making up such a word?  Wiktionary says that a Never Trumper is someone who wants to stop the Trump movement and I feel that we need to applaud everyone who takes this stance.  Wordnik, the Century Dictionary states that a Trumper is one who blows a Trump, and it would probably be best to ask Michael Avenatti or Michael Cohen about this.  The Macmillan Dictionary says that the word Trumper is a noun and that it can be used in the same manner as a Baby Boomer or a Brexiteer.  Trump has never been bashful about throwing his name around, but having the sheer audacity to make up a word about himself really takes the cake.

To trump is to outrank or defeat someone or something, often in a highly public way.  The word trump originally implied a deceptive form of victory involving cheating, but that sense has been largely lost, though it’s still around in the term trumped up, meaning something that’s been falsely made up.  Trumpery is an actual word that was derived from a French word meaning to deceive and it is defined in the dictionary as “showy but worthless”.  Several other new words have recently been added to our dictionaries like, Trumpnik, Trumpista, Trumpian and Trumpism and all of these prompt concern for where the world is headed.  Never before in history has the media covered a single human being as much as Donald Trump and the intense and frequent repetition of these words is overwhelming and I am tired of listening to all of this drum into my head. Forget about getting a subpoena for his taxes, we should be looking into his chromosomes to see if he has been spawned from a papaya that mated with a scorpion.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Bashful, for FOWC with Fandango – Verbatim, for Ragtag Community – Prompt, for Paula’s Three Things Challenge – scorpion drum papaya and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Applaud.

12 thoughts on “What Is A Trumper

  1. Lmao! I wondered where my last two words would fit in. Yes, I am so sick of hearing that name. The “liberal media” can’t stop talking about him and his gross family either.

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  2. My vote goes to: “Trumpery is an actual word that was derived from a French word meaning to deceive and it is defined in the dictionary as “showy but worthless”. ” I”m sure you’re right about his chromosomes also. Also, I see I’ve neglected to notice it’s your Music Challenge day. Oops. I’ll get to it, promise.

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  3. Actually Never-Trumpers is a term coined to describe conservatives who said they would never vote for Trump.

    I was one of them but when faced with a choice between an elderly woman of little strength and no morals, I happily voted for Trump.

    Would have rather voted for Rand Paul, but my philosophy was, “anyone but Hillary.”

    Trump’s done a good job.

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  4. Love the Randy Rainbow parody song and the whole post. By the way, did you mean “derogatory” at the end of the first paragraph where you wrote “deregulatory”?

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