Supernatural Or Charmed

Sam and Dean Winchester get wind of these three powerful witches that are living in San Francisco.  They decide that these charmed ones are evil and need to be hunted down and vanquished.  At the same time Leo informs the Halliwell sisters Piper, Phoebe and Paige that two very dangerous hunters are in town, but he has been summoned to see the Elders and can’t come back for two weeks.  Sam and Dean settle in just outside their house staking out the place and they start loading their guns up with witch killing bullets.  They spot Piper holding her baby, Wyatt and they decide to go in and talk instead of going in with their guns blazing.  They learn that the sisters are good witches and very powerful ones that go around killing demons just like them.

They learn about the magical object called The Book Of Shadows, and that the girls have this thing called the “Power of Three” and Sam and Dean both fall for Phoebe.  They decide to work together to take down demons and to protect innocent lives from all of the evil beings in the world.  Sam develops a special relationship with Wyatt’s younger brother Chris and they have their daddy issues in common, thus they bond both feeling that father’s were not there for them enough.  Bobby Singer gets a job in Magic School teaching the young students how to hunt evil.  Castiel and Leo really understand each other and they decide to no longer do the bidding of the Elders.  Billy Jenkins has learned everything about spell casting, potion making, and detecting things by scrying, and her powers of Telekinesis and Projection have really come into their own when she meets Sam and Dean’s red-headed friend Charlie Bradbury who is a real bad ass.

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Common.

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