Not A Good Week

My cousin had my car blocked in, so she said I could use her car to go out to the store, but she asked me to take it to the carwash, to get the love bugs off of it.  They were splattered all over the windshield and as I drove on the track, I asked the guy waving me up if they were going to come off.  He told me that he would spray them for me, but I knew that wouldn’t work, as they needed to be scrubbed with a brush, or at least sprayed with a forceful jet and his spray gun just trickled out some soap suds.  The guy distracted me and I forgot to lower my power antenna and it got bent to hell by the rug monster.

Shit, my cousin was not going to like this.  I took it to Firestone and they charged me $40 to diagnose the problem and they gave me an estimate of $600 for a new antenna and motor, as they said the gears were stripped down and it was on its last legs.  They said it would take two days to get the parts and they would call me when they arrived, so I could make an appoint for the installation of the new antenna.  My cousin drove her car to work the next day and an idiot light came on her dashboard, so she took it to Goodyear where she always gets her car fixed.  It turned out that her engine exhaust line was clogged, as Firestone must have unhooked this port under her hood and some of her hood insulation fell into that.  They removed the insulation and replaced her sensor and charged her $220.  I told her that problem was probably caused by Firestone and she said that she did not want them touching it any more.

Goodyear gave her an estimate $300 less than Firestone, as they overcharged on the labor and the parts.  I paid for it and the engine exhaust problem, but that was one costly carwash and I hate love bugs now.  Yesterday morning my computer would not power up and I discovered that the power supply was bad in my desktop.  I just paid $140 and I am real happy to have my desktop working again, as working on that tablet was driving me crazy.

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    1. I don’t usually complain, because I know that nobody wants to hear that. I am usually very optimistic, knowing that things can always get worse and at least I was not diagnosed with cancer. I wonder if there is such a thing as a bad moon.

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  1. If it’s true, bad things usually happen in 3’s. Sounds like only 2 have happened, so watch out for the 3rd. If it is fiction in order to garner sympathy as Fandango asked about, awwwww poooor baby 😉

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