Compromising Positions

We were separated and we each had our own attorneys, waiting for the divorce proceeding to be finalized. She was bat shit crazy and I had to get her out of my life.  We didn’t have any children and we were only married for two years, so this should be easy, right?  She didn’t enjoy being with me, but she hated being dumped even more.  We worked in the same office building downtown for different companies, but we were located on the same floor.

I liked my job, but I hated seeing her so much that I had thought about quitting and finding another somewhere far away from here because of her lunacy.  She would arrive at the office building hours early and wait in the lobby, so she could ride up in the same elevator with me.  I did not want any part of her, but I needed the divorce before I could move on.  One morning when we were alone in the elevator, she grabbed my crotch and fondled me like I was her toy and she kissed me and left her lipstick all over me.  It was embarrassing when the doors opened and I had to zip up my fly and run to the rest room to get her lipstick off of my collar.

The next day she got in the elevator again with me, but we were not alone this time. When the doors opened up, she had left her panties on the floor and several of my coworkers noticed that as I exited.  How embarrassing was that?  This had become a fatal attraction and it was only going to get worse.

Written for MM Tale Weaver # 224 – Estrangement – May 23rd.

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