The Inch Worm That Ate The Butterfly

They normally just eat leaves and fruit, but this particular butterfly blended in so well with the leaf that the inch worm took a bite out of it.  One inchworm doesn’t eat much, but they can cause real problems when they get together in large groups and when a hungry bunch of inchworms gather around a mulberry bush, they can create some serious damage.  Perhaps the inchworm was jealous knowing that it would eventually become a moth and not a beautiful butterfly.

Inchworms have three pairs of front legs and either two or three pairs of rear legs, but no legs in the center.  When walking, inchworms move their rear legs forward, creating a loop in their middles, and then move their front legs forward.  They appear to be taking measurements one inch at a time.  This little guy had a habit of making crossword cutout patterns in the leafs that he ate.

Written for Willow Poetry by Hélène Vaillant What do you See? May 21, 2019.

12 thoughts on “The Inch Worm That Ate The Butterfly

  1. This is a delightful story, Jim. That’s quite the habit this inchworm had…I love it. Thank you for joining the challenge, welcome!

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  2. Reminded me of the song about the Inch Worm (the chorus) measuring the Marigolds 🙂
    in the 1952 movie of Hans Christian Anderson sung by Danny Kaye:
    The song has become a popular children’s song and is best known for its arithmetical chorus:

    “Two and two are four
    Four and four are eight
    Eight and eight are sixteen
    Sixteen and sixteen are thirty-two”

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