Gently Into The Night

Gently is a nice way to go out, even if Dylan Thomas says not to do this.  I want a peaceful death and if that happens for me, then there will be no need to rage against the dying of the light.  Death is inevitable, it will eventually catch up to all of us and recently it reached out for Doris Day and Tim Conway.  I am not ready yet, but I do know that one day the Grim Reaper will come knocking on my door.  I am not interested in writing a morbid post, so I will switch gears now and talk about how happy I am to be alive and healthy for the most part.

It does not take all that much to make me happy and I am the happiest when I am writing.  I guess that is because I enjoy what I write.  I write about almost everything and I have written three very long and still unpublished books and now I just started my forth book, which I hope will get published.  I started out with a partner, who I bounced some ideas off of, but they have not made any real writing contributions and in the last email that I received, they told me to proceed without them.  The title of my new book is going to be ‘Plato’s Last Words’, and as I read that many people think that Plato died while he was at a wedding, in my book Plato gets invited to a wedding celebration.

Plato drinks and he talks about life in Athens and tells many stories and finally after my buildup, he tells the story of Atlantis.  I wrote the first two chapters and I am into the third one now, but I don’t exactly have an outline of what is going to take place in Atlantis.  I had written a post titled ‘The Alantean Thoth’ back in 2017 and I plan on using Thoth as a character for my story.  In my second book, ‘The Ancient Book Of Eli’ I also wrote a story about a sorcerer named Dark Shadow from Atlantis who confined a genie to a bottle and he will also be a character in my new book.  Plato dies at this wedding celebration, but I haven’t figured out what his last words will be yet.  I guess I will keep plugging away and hopefully I will be able to finish before that skeleton looking guy with the scythe comes to reap my soul.

Written for 5/18/19 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to “start your post with any adverb and just run with it.”

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    1. Would you be interested in collaborating with me to finish this book? My writing is so technical and it needs some flare, which I think you have to make it work.


    1. It is a wedding celebration, so it will have some music, but it is not about music, it is about stories. There will be a guy playing the kithara, a plucked string instrument, another man playing the lyre, also a string instrument and the third musician was playing the aulos or tibia, a double-reed wind instrument.

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