Nanook of the North

A story of life and love
Inuits living in the Arctic Circle
Basking in the beauty of a frozen landscape
Far removed from civilization
Surviving in a harsh climate
Constructing their igloo homes
Finding food by hunting and fishing
The Inuk man named Nanook
His wife, Nyla and their family
Hunt a walrus with a harpoon
Perform their daily tasks in the freezing cold
Travel by kayak to a trading post
Selling skins of foxes, seals and polar bears
Authentic details revealed about a little-known culture

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie MM Music challenge “The Mighty Quinn”.

6 thoughts on “Nanook of the North

    1. I read that the original documentary was staged to make it better and that it does not show a true picture, but it was made in the early 1920s and film making was in its infancy then, so I think it won some awards.

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